The Map is Here!


We are so excited to announce to you that Keith and Karl’s book was released today! After two decades of refining our approach to transformational leader development and several years of actively writing, we want to share what we’ve found to be true about effective leadership with the world.

From your time with us, you hopefully remember the Leader Level model of Vertical growth which provides us with a “map” for how we can and should continue to grow over the course of our life’s journey. Read more...

Good. Better. Best.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pause at this time each year in the United States to celebrate Labor Day. It was first celebrated in New York in 1882 as a tribute to the prosperity and well-being of our country after what was certainly a long summer of agricultural and manufacturing labors. While most of you reading this haven’t worked the field this past summer, we can all use this occasion to reflect on our own personal labors, take stock of how we’ve spent our time and energy over the past year, and to perhaps look ahead to what’s next. Read more...

Widgets or Gizmos?


I recently got to revisit my youth and participate in a good old-fashioned field day. From the basketball lay up competition to the rubber chicken slingshot, the day was full of all manner of competitions. But nowhere did my team need to work together more than during the three-legged race. If you’ve ever had your leg tied to someone else’s, you understand the importance of moving in the same direction as your partner. Read more...

The Winning Team

soccer ball

Even if you’re not typically a soccer fan, it’s hard not to catch a bit of soccer fever during the FIFA World Cup. The composition of a soccer team demonstrates the first of the key mindsets of effective collaboration. If an entire team was comprised of the most accurate strikers, they’d score a lot of goals, but wouldn’t be able to defend their own goal against the opposing team. Read more...

1 + 1 = MORE


The prominence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining increasing attention as computing power, speed and size continue to advance. “AI” relates to computers simulating intelligent human behavior in order to reach successful outcomes. By computing standards 1 + 1 = 2, but I would argue that there are times when the more intelligent answer to 1 + 1, is something much greater than 2.  Read more...