Move Your Feet

I just returned refreshed from Spring Break on the beautiful island of Hilton Head, SC.  Our favorite time on the Island is participating in tennis clinics and learning more about the game our family loves so much.  On the first day of the clinic, Job (pronounced Yo-b) my coach from the Netherlands, stressed how important it was to learn to hit the ball in your “target zone” which is the sweet spot where you strike the ball the best.  Read more...

Growing Up Bulldog

The Leaders Lyceum is #4 in Bulldog 100!

What happens when real needs meet real impact within organizations, teams and people?  Growth happens!  Our quest to accelerate growth for our client partners has also resulted in growth for The Leaders Lyceum.

Each year, the UGA Alumni Association recognizes the fastest growing businesses owned by alumni from The University of Georgia known as the “Bulldog 100” list.  Read more...