Fail Much? We Do!

We are often told amazing stories of great leaders who are able to achieve the unimaginable—people like Benjamin Franklin, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs. While these stories are inspirational, it’s easy to write them off as something that is achievable by only the greatest leaders, but probably not me.

In our last newsletter, we challenged you to rethink the way you view failure- not as something to be shunned and avoided, but as something to be embraced as an opportunity for learning and growth (read the article on our blog). Read more...

FAIL: A 4-Letter Word?

No one sets out to fail. Often, we go to great lengths to avoid failure. Beginning in our early years through school, sports and performances we learn that our work is evaluated and perfect is the desired outcome. This serves us well in many areas of life, motivating us to work hard and set high standards. Read more...

A Challenge. A Choice.

One simple fact of life: personal growth happens during difficult times. Think back on the events that have shaped your life. Everyone can quickly think of at least one challenging situation that had a significant impact on his or her life. Chances are that it was in some way unavoidable.

Rather than waiting for the next unavoidable challenge to come your way, what if you chose to grow by leveraging a smaller challenge you’re facing right now, one that you possibly could just sweep under the rug? Read more...