A Challenge. A Choice.

One simple fact of life: personal growth happens during difficult times. Think back on the events that have shaped your life. Everyone can quickly think of at least one challenging situation that had a significant impact on his or her life. Chances are that it was in some way unavoidable.

Rather than waiting for the next unavoidable challenge to come your way, what if you chose to grow by leveraging a smaller challenge you’re facing right now, one that you possibly could just sweep under the rug?

For example, there might be tension between you and a co-worker or spouse regarding a decision that was made. The easy thing to do is to avoid discussing the topic—maybe even avoid that person if possible. Ever tried to just grin and bear it in your time together? Instead, what if you invited them to lunch and, rather than trying to convince them that you’re right, you made the effort to make them feel heard regarding the situation? What if you “leaned in” to the challenge by seeking to understand their perspective? Think about how you could use it for your growth–perhaps for their growth. How could that change you and your perspective?

What challenges are you facing?
What challenges are the people you influence facing?
How can you leverage these challenges for growth, both for yourself and for others?

Maybe you should speak up.
Maybe you should remain silent.
Maybe you should admit a mistake.
Maybe you should apologize.
Maybe you should take a risk.
Maybe you should take a stand.

The choice is yours (this time).