Baby Steps

Just like we can’t will ourselves to instantly lose 10 pounds and be able to run a marathon tomorrow, we can’t will ourselves to become the mature, effective leaders we want to be overnight. Getting in shape (both physically and developmentally) is a process, demanding we get off the couch and start the journey.

Deciding where you want to end up and recognizing where you are today can be overwhelming. Rather than trying to tackle it all at once, start by taking baby steps towards that goal. What’s one small, safe thing you can do that will get you a little bit closer? Go do that. Then, pause to reflect on what you can learn about yourself through that experience.

What matters is not whether the small steps are a “success”—what matters is what you learn about yourselves as you get out there and try. Did the step get your closer to your goal? What worked? What didn’t work? After you have assessed how it is going, make adjustments and figure out what to do next. Every new step you take will help you build the momentum and the habits necessary to keep growing towards your ultimate goal.

Remember, like the climbing a mountain or running a marathon, developmental fitness is a process that requires intentional diligence and focus. Make getting more “fit” as a leader your priority, and think like an athlete as you take each step to become the best you can be!

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