Disney or Bust!

Our team is in Orlando with a client this week, and getting off the plane, we couldn’t miss the fact that we are near Disney World.

If you’ve spent any time with us, you probably remember that Disney is our metaphor for our ultimate destination in our leadership journey. It’s the answer to questions like “who do you want to be?” and “what legacy do you want to leave?”

While we aren’t able to visit Disney on this trip, seeing reminders all around of “the happiest place on earth” is stirring up in me a desire to get there. The people in the marketing and advertising departments sure know what they’re doing with the quintessential Mickey Mouse ears everywhere you look.

Many of us collect souvenirs to remind us of places we’ve been. What if you flipped it around and found a souvenir to remind you of the place you want to go—something that you will look at often to keep you focused and excited about your personal life destination?

Maybe it’s a framed copy of your legacy statement, or a picture of someone who embodies the kind of person you hope to be, or perhaps a word or phrase as the background of your computer or smart phone.

So if not mouse ears, what is your version of a souvenir for the ultimate personal destination? Extra credit if you send us a picture!