Time to Get Fit!

Reality at some point catches up with us all. Our favorite jeans no longer fit. We can wiggle and jump and twist to get into them, but it’s probably not a sight the world needs to see. Rather than surrendering to our decreasing metabolism, a reality check like this can serve as a catalyst for action. If you’re like me, it may be time to revisit that gym you’ve been paying membership fees to for the past year.

Just like not fitting into your favorite jeans, the challenges we encounter in life can provide the fuel for change. Challenges are an indication that something doesn’t fit within our current way of doing life. With each challenge, we are given the opportunity to decide who we really want to be and can find the motivation to get off the couch and take action.

Start by defining for yourself what you want the “better you” to look like. Do you want to be a person who values a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to empower those around you to be successful? Do you want to stand up for what you believe in? Once you have the goal in mind, commit to a few small steps you can take within each week. With each step you take, you’ll get closer to your goal, just as with each week you exercise, you will be able to lift increasing weight, run a bit farther, or bike that next hill.