What is the Lyceum?

The Leaders Lyceum® (lye-SEE-um) creates unique learning environments to accelerate the development of leaders to a place of greater maturity of perspective and effectiveness. This application-driven approach meets individual leaders where they are and helps move them closer to where they need to be. The Leaders Lyceum® leverages relevant experiences both inside and outside of work to accelerate development of the whole person.

Differentiated Curriculum engages relevant challenges meaningful to the individual in order to promote leadership maturity, yielding real-time impact with real-world results. The Leaders Lyceum® curriculum fosters greater personal ownership of leader decisions, yields a significant ROI, and broadens the pool of more highly effective leaders within an organization.

The Program Experience targets emerging leaders or executive level participants whose functional skills have positioned them for success in leadership roles. Through both large group learning and intentional dialog in Cross Mentoring Groups, participants experience meaningful impact and lasting leader growth.