Lydia Priebe

Client Services Manager

Lydia Priebe is a staff member and Client Services Manager at The Leaders Lyceum where she provides both strategic and logistical support to the business and its clients by managing internal logistics, building client relationships, and administering client assessments.

She joined The Leaders Lyceum from the banking industry where she worked with the executive staff and Board of Directors, as well as community relations and event coordinating.

Lydia received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri in Communications, Political Science, and Sociology. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology at the University of Georgia and is one of the top students in her program. Upon graduation she plans to focus on leadership, personal, and organizational development.

She also serves on a national committee for her sorority and is creating new curriculum and initiatives to develop its collegiate members.

Lydia is passionate about helping people create positive, organizational change through leadership and personal growth.